Lovosin Sr. and Jr.

Two generations of Montreal Piano. Louie Lovsin Sr. (left) and Louie Jr. (right).

Montréal Piano was established on September 22, 1969 by Louis Lovsin, Sr. After seven years of work as a master technician he felt it was necessary to start fresh with his own restoration shop, to satisfy the needs of demanding pianists who wanted a higher level of detail and craftsmanship. Relying on a network of tuners and stores who trusted this master, Mr. Lovsin established his first -humble yet effective- shop at 4012 Drolet Street in the Plateau Mont Royal area of Montréal.

With fair prices and thorough restorations, Montréal Piano built up a solid client base through word of mouth. Musicians liked Mr. Lovsin’s natural European love for satisfaction, no matter how labor-intensive the work might be.